Order Process

We’ve put together the following guide to help you get a smooth ordering process, from start to finish.


A. Understanding Your Needs
Inspace Media will initially liaise with its clients to understand their requirements. We then go on to learn about the target audience and their overall project. Getting to know our clients helps us to provide a seamless experience, and allows us to understand exactly what their looking for.

B. Animation, Design & Creation
One of our team will explain how to harness and maximise the massive potential for your EL Campaign – you provide us with the artwork and after gathering the necessary information, our dedicated animations team will then create 2 to 3 animations for you to look over. These are initial ideas that we then look for your feedback on, when the client is happy with the intended animation, a prototype can be made. Please note animation files come in the form of a GIF. However files provided for us to be animated can be a jpeg or PDF ideally of a high resolution for best quality (150DPI+) .

C. Price Quote
EL Panel Prices vary due to a variety of different aspects:

  • Size
  • Animation Complexity
  • Quantity
  • Illumination

Your artwork is required for a quote, without artwork and an animation it is difficult and inaccurate to estimate a price.

D. Prototyping
Prototyping is completely optional, however is highly recommended. Prototypes costs vary depending on the project and the aspects mentioned in previous step. A prototype can be created and delivered within 2 weeks, most people tend to use the prototype as their final proof.

E. Production
Once your happy with the prototype and the animation,– we are ready to proceed with production. Once the order is received along with the 50% deposit we will initiate production and provide you with an ETA based on the volume to create, etc.

F. Tooling
Every design will need tooling, the tooling fee is the design and modelling work involved on producing your electroluminescent signage. Tooling is created per design not per sign. If design, images and animation is changed then a new tooling will be required.

Tooling fee’s depends on size of panel, here are some examples of costs:

Tooling Fee | Lighting Area | Whole Panel Size
£50.00 – 21cm x 29.7cm – 21cm x 29.7cm
£100.00 – 40cm x 60cm – 50cm x 65cm
£200.00 – 70cm x 100cm – 80cm x 125cm
£400.00 – 90cm x 200cm – 100cm x 240cm
£500.00 – 110cm x 200cm – 120cm x 240cm

Sign costs are then quoted per design and per quantity required.

G. Max Size of EL Panel
Maximum dimension of sign we can produce in one panel is within 100cm x 200cm for fully lit-up animated sign and 120cm x 240cm for partially lit-up animated sign.

For the larger size panel over 120cm x 240cm, we will combine several panels together to make a whole display.

For the round shape with full lit- up sign, the maximum dimension of sign we can produce is diameter 100cm.

H. Delivery
As soon as production has been completed, the goods will be delivered. The customer is required to pay the balance of the remaining 50% of the total invoice value in order to release the goods, unless other arrangements have been agreed.

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