Sparking the imagination

Lighting up your message in a way that other forms of print advertising is unable to match.

Flexible enough to be used anywhere

The virtually indestructable, lightweight, pliable solution to promote your brand or message.

Long lasting performance and efficiency

Can provide more than 20,000 hours of illumination. All whilst consuming less power and without the added heat.

Illuminated point of sale (POS)

Point of sale graphics from IM can be produced to illuminate any size, shape, colour or sequence. Graphics are light in weight, paper-thin and yet are still hardwearing and can be used both inside and outdoors and match to existing brand guidelines or graphics.

Being thin (typically between 0.25mm – 0.5mm) this exciting technology can be applied to flat or curved surfaces, consumes 75–90% less electricity, uses no hazardous materials in fabrication and being a cold lighting source, doesn’t generate heat as other lit graphics might.

Like neon or LED signage, our animated POS solutions can provide the appearance of movement within a static, graphic or shape. However, unlike many neon solutions, our products can deliver complex animation sequences within a high-resolution image.

Create graphics bespoke or to follow existing styles or brand guidelines

Pic showing an IM POS poster being rolled up

Eye catching high quality images that can be placed on flat or curved surfaces equally.

Created using tough and durable material and technology that continues to illuminate time and time again.

Pic showing some IM POS sheets being prepared

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Product advantages

  • Provide significantly better eye-catching capabilities than ordinary backlit signs and posters
  • Uniform surface illumination of complex shapes
  • Wide visual angle with uniform illumination
  • Thin, flexible and lightweight (thin as 0.12mm)
  • Low power consumption (~ 6 watts per sq ft)
  • Very low heat generation
  • Low power consumption – low operating costs
  • Vibration and impact resistant
    Easily combined with full color HQ graphics
  • No light box or heavy infrastructure required
  • Long life (20 000 hours)
  • Unlike incandescent or fluorescent lamps, our products do not fail abruptly

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Maximum flexibility, maximum style

  • Billboards
  • Static light box advertising points
  • Bus shelter advertising
  • Internal and external wall mounted graphics
  • Free hanging window branding and posters
  • Pull-up stands of all sizes
  • Floor graphics and way finding
  • Sales counter mats
  • Permanent and temporary promotional area branding
  • Fridge and shelving graphics
  • Vehicle branding

Only limited by the imagination, this technology can be used for all forms promotion, way finding and information display.

Standards and Compliance

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4078  ISO 9001:2015

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