Match or compliment existing vehicle livery

Highlight key elements, areas or messages so that they stand out.

Can be positioned anywhere on the vehicle

Flexible materials allow for the most prominent locations to be chosen.

Long lasting performance and efficiency

A long working life and easy to update or replace, IM illuminated graphics offer excellent versatility.

Illuminated vehicle branding and graphics

IM illuminated vehicle graphics can help your brand or business stand out from the competition. Efficient to fit on vehicle exterior panels, our illuminated branding solutions employ the same technology used to deliver IM illuminated chevrons, safety graphics and the latest illuminated point of sale visuals.

IM illuminated graphics can easily be combined to deliver impactful, eye-catching designs. Designs can even be retrofit to work alongside existing pre-fitted vehicle livery through a non-intrusive installation process.

Panels are lightweight, thin (typically no more than 0.5mm) and yet are still incredibly robust and resilient. Tough enough to withstand both the expected daily vehicle wear and tear and any weather conditions, no matter how extreme.

Standout features

  • Can be retrofit to work alongside existing livery
  • Able to match complex designs
  • Efficient non-intrusive fitting process
  • Long lifespan (more than 20,000 hours)
  • Robust and fully weatherproof
  • Set panel sizes or bespoke dimesions
  • Low power consumption

Match to existing vehicle livery or any brand guidelines required.

Illuminate parts or whole logos, whatever provides the most impact.

Created using tough, durable materials and technology that can illuminate at the flick of a switch.

Pic showing the flexible technology and the graphics on the back of a van

Can support specific or required positioning on vehicles.

Key technology points

  • Solutions to support even the most intricate of designs
  • Provides uniform surface illumination, even for complex shapes
  • Thin, flexible and lightweight (less than 0.5mm thickness)
  •  Weatherproof – IP69 waterproof rating
  • Vibration and impact resistant
  • Low power consumption (~ 6 watts per sq ft)
  • Very low heat generation
  • Low power consumption – ideal for vehicle installation
  • Long life (providing more than 20,000 hours illumination)
  • Unlike incandescent or fluorescent lamps, no abrupt product failure
  • Efficient to update or replace if needed

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Maximum flexibility, maximum style

  • Illuminate key elements or complete logos
  • Follow existing style or brand guidelines
  • Highlight brand messages or strap lines
  • Run to multiple locations on the vehicle
  • Run specific areas independently*
  • Simple or sequenced illumination
  • Pre-set sizes or bespoke creation

Only limited by the imagination, IM illuminated vehicle graphics can help your brand graphics stand out from the crowd.

* Additional systems and non-standard setup could be required to support specific functions

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