About Us

Inspace Media, are one of  the biggest manufacturers of the EL products in world right now, we provide unique communication solutions to the advertising, marketing, promotion and point-of-sale industries.

Our EL solutions have also been applied to safety information and marking signage, backlit solutions for displays on numerous electronic devices and multiple applications within the automotive industry, including instrument panel illumination.

Our more than 100,000 square meters annual production capacity with 5 printing operation lines provide ample capacity and experience to successfully handle large scale operations with high efficiency.

Our goal is to continue to offer unique technologies to assist our clients in more effectively communicating their message to their audience. We strive for excellence in both product quality and customer satisfaction and we are continually working to excel in their performance.

All our products are developed under the highest quality standards, and have 1 year complete care warranty. We provide total solutions which include in-store and outdoor  media installation capabilities.  We also provide customised “plug and play” kits which are delivered in variations to fit specific customer, store, and geographical needs.

Whatever your design, whatever your requirements, we’re here all the way.